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    Aspadol 100 (Tapentadol), is an analgesic that can be employed to treat severe to moderate pain. Aspadol helps reduce pain by signaling the brain to react to the Pain.

    The tablets are orange and available in 10 strips. Aspadol 100 mg Tablet is part of the Opioid therapeutic class of Analgesics. Tapentadol is its main ingredient.

    Commonly adverse

    Feeling dizzy. If you're lying down or sitting for a while and slowly rising. Do not attempt to climb. You might feel lightheaded, blurred vision, tiredness, or difficulty thinking clearly. Do not drive or engage in activities that require you to be awake and clear-sighted until you have a better understanding of how medication can affect your eyesight.

    Headache. Itching. Itching or swelling in the stomach could indicate a bloated state. You can improve your oral hygiene by eating small meals, chewing sugar free gum, and sucking hard candy. Constipation is a condition that can cause hard stool. Consider drinking more fluids and working out more. Your doctor might recommend stool softeners or laxatives.


    Make sure you remember to take your missed dose. If it is close to your next dose, you can skip the dose. Take only one dose at a given time.


    Tapentadol (or other components) of this medication can trigger an allergic reaction. Tell your physician if you are allergic or sensitive to any medication.

    Let your doctor know about any allergy symptoms you experience. It is important for you to mention symptoms like rash, itching, hives, wheezing, breathlessness, cough, swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, throat and face.

    If you have a chronic lung condition or slow-moving digestion (gastrointestinal), tract. You have used isocarboxazid, phenelzine in the last 14-days. Monoamine oxide inhibitors, such isocarboxazid (phenelzine) and tranylcypromine, should be stopped for at most 14 days before any medication can be taken. One or both of these could cause high blood pressure.

    When should you seek medical attention the most?

    If you suspect you've taken too much, immediately call your poison control. These are all signs that you may have a serious reaction to the medication. The symptoms of a serious reaction include chest tightness or wheezing, severe cough, fever and itching. Extremely dizzyness or even the possibility of passing out. Trouble breathing. Ability to think clearly.

    Balance shift. A major shift in balance is indicated by excessive sweating, agitation and muscle stiffness. Poor pain management. Seizures. Irritation or upset stomach. I feel tired and weak due to constipation (very tough stool). A rash on your skin. It could be more severe or worsening.

    Tapentadol uses:

    The medication is prescribed to manage severe to moderate acute discomfort. The body's reactions to pain.

    Talentadol: How it works?

    Tapentadol reduces sensations of pain and alters body reactions to it.

    Instructions for Tapentadol100 use

    It can either be taken as a whole or in small amounts. The recommended dose is 50mg 75mg, 100mg, and 100mg every 4-6 hours, depending on the severity.

    Interactions with other medicines

    When certain medications are mixed with certain food items, they can cause serious side effects. When you combine these drugs, there could be adverse side effects. Ask your physician questions about any medications you take.

    Food restrictions

    Drinking alcohol is a danger