Top 10 email management software tools for small businesses

    Zahra Williams

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    Clariti is one of the best free email management apps where you can consolidate multiple email accounts in one place. Clariti allows you to integrate up to 4 email IDs (business or personal) in your inbox. You can invite your friends and colleagues and get productive at work in a jiffy, without having to constantly switch between your email accounts. While Clariti embraces emails it also effectively reduces needless emails through powerful features like “Instant Share” and “Chat from Email”.

    Using instant share, you can instantly share email, images, social feed and other work artifacts without forwarding them. This removes unnecessary duplication and email chains.

    Chat from email feature lets you collaborate with multiple stakeholders without needing to forward emails or copy/paste their contents in chats. As soon as you receive an email from your client or customer, you can immediately start chatting with other Clariti users regarding the topic. When you chat, your colleagues will be able to see all the contents of the email that is related to the chat. You can share documents, exchange emails and set yourself reminder to-dos from Clariti. As you continue the conversations, Clariti will automatically link all the related communication in a TopicFolder.

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