10 Best Team Communication Software Apps for 2022


Clariti design naturally elevates the repository (folders) by making them ‘intelligent’ – by automatically capturing and storing relationships between all your work that happens inside the folder.

The reason you keep all files or documents for a task or project (or whatever it is that you are working on) in a single folder, which is named appropriately, is to instantly understand how they are all related. Imagine extending this relationship to beyond files and documents to emails, chats, calls, to-dos… ALL in the same folder. This new folder looks and acts like the plain old file folder on your desktop. And just like a regular folder, imagine giving this folder a name you can recognize like a task name, a project title, or a topic name.

We call this the TopicFolder. The emails, files, calendar items, chats inside the TopicFolder are LIVE! Yes, you can reply to emails; share documents; chat with others on the topic. Even as you work, your work just organizes itself. You are never too far from the big picture of the topic at all times. No more searching, no manual hassles.


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