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    Keto VIP full and I can usually make it until 6:00 6:30 without having to eat again because my lunch is so filling and that's another thing when you're eating nutrient dense food your cravings go way way down and I love chef AJ always says if you're not hungry enough for vegetables you're really not hungry so if if you're you think you're hungry try eating vegetables first and if you go oh I'd really do you know I don't want any broccoli or kale or carrots or whatever you're probably really not hungry it's probably a craving that you're having not true hunger and so remember that too and a lot of times just a cup of hot tea will take away that feeling that you want a craving and maybe it's too hot right now you could have you know an iced herbal tea instead or have a big glass of infused water so I like to make a glass of infused water I'll just put whatever kind of fresh fruit I have in it and this is filtered water from my filtered water from