Basic Knowledge of Glaucoma


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    Generally, six people in ten of those receivers can have 20/20 vision or more. And nine will get 20/40 vision. This is one of the greatest reasons why so many love to get it. During this process, only half an hour will be used and patients can go home immediately. Eagle Eye 911 But there is a problem that the cost is averaged about two thousands dollars for each eye with no insurance coverage. Anyway, before the surgery, consult with the eye doctors.

    Eye glasses have really help many people who have eye problems. However, the aging process will cause some serious eye problems on their vision, like presbyopia. And when they are over forty, those who have worn glasses will have to suffer more.

    And one of the most serious problems they may encounter is-they have to wear reading glasses while dealing with near matters. Such as, they have to write, read, or work with them.

    Reading glasses can be fallen into two types, full frames and half frames. The former type is mainly for those who have to do some near work. And this type is not good alternatives for those who want to look afar, for they may cause some blurriness if one looks at distant objects.