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    Rotita Coupon Code change the font color and everything from you now what we want to do is as you can see over here the background color is this blue color so we'll select this image icon background color and we'll select any blue color for example if you if you want you can just select this blue color now once you have selected the color for the font color we have to select white color okay so what does this mean the background color because we have not connected it with anything so what we can do is we can click on email first of all and you can select the sender name and email address so you can just enter your name and you can enter your email address so whenever someone creates a coupon they will get a notification okay you have created a coupon or whenever that coupon is approved that person will get a notification on their email address so that notification will go from this email address and from this name now click on subscription and here we have to enter the API key and list ID of so that this thing works right now if you enter any email address click on subscribe' it will not work because we haven't connected this thing to so let's do that so to connect this section to you can open calm in a new tab now if you come back to your website we need two things API key and list ID so to get your API 


    Rotita Promo Code API key click on Save Changes now we need the list ID so come back to now click on audiences at the top as you can see at the top left we have this menu click on audience now here you have different list IDs here you have different lists as you can see and you can select any list you want for example if you want this block tutorial list click on that list now to get the list ID of this list you can click on this option which is add your manage audience click on that and we want to select settings so we are we want to see the settings related to this list now if over here if you go at the bottom you will see unique ID for audience of this list so this is the list ID copy this list ID from you come back to your website and paste it under list ID click on Save Changes now I do understand that most of you guys will be like what is this what is this API key how did you create a list and everything so that is altogether a different tutorial if you go to and if you search for a year shake MailChimp or near shake newsletter something like that or near shake email marketing you get you will get all these different you know tutorials free email marketing tutorial with automation a/b testing and everything so make