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Verdana Font typeface family consists of four TrueType fonts created specifically to address the challenges of on-screen display. Designed by world-renowned type designer Matthew Carter, and hand-hinted by leading clue expert Tom Rickner of Agfa Monotype, these sans serif fonts are unique examples of type design for the computer screen.
The Verdana family resembles sans serif humanists like Frutiger, and Edward Johnston's typeface for the London Underground, and Carter himself claims to see the influence of his own Bell Centennial on the face. But to label Verdana a humanistic face is to ignore the fact that this family is not simply a revival of classic elegance; this is a type designed for the middle of the screen.
Verdana fonts exhibit characteristics derived from the pixel rather than the pen, brush, or chisel. The relationship between straight, curved, and diagonal strokes has been carefully developed to ensure that pixel patterns at small sizes are pleasing, clear, and legible. Commonly confusing characters such as lower case i j l, upper case I J L, and the number 1 have been carefully drawn for maximum distinctiveness, an important feature of fonts designed for on-screen use. And the various weights in the font family have been designed to create sufficient contrast to each other, ensuring, for example, that the bold font is heavy enough even at sizes as small as 8 ppem.
The generous width and spacing of Verdana's characters are key to the readability of these fonts on screen. The limited number of pixels available at low resolutions means that adjusted characters can easily collide; turn an r n into an m, or create distracting black spots in a word. In on-screen typography, it is important to keep characters distinct from one another, and research has shown that the wider letter spacing significantly helps to read on the screen.
The Verdana typeface family was first made available on July 8, 1996. The family is continually expanding to meet multilingual needs.
Despite the quality of the Verdana font family at small sizes, it is at higher resolutions that fonts are best appreciated. Some of the subtleties of letter shapes, such as the slightly modulated stroke weight, only become really apparent at larger sizes. In the words of Tom Rickner, "My hope now is that these faces are enjoyed beyond the computer screen. Although screen-size bitmaps were the most crucial in producing these fonts, [their] uses they shouldn't be limited to screen fonts.

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Name Verdana
Style Condensed Font, Display Font, Humanistic Sans-Serif Font, OpenType Font, Sans Serif, TrueType
Author Matthew Carter
File Format TTF, OTF
Font Licence Free for personal use
Type Sans-serif



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