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Copperplate Gothic Font is a typeface designed by Frederic W. Goudy and published by the American Type Founders (ATF) in 1901.
Although it is called "gothic" (another term for sans-serif), the face has small glyphic serifs that act to emphasize the blunt term of the vertical and horizontal strokes. The typeface shows an unusual combination of influences; the glyphs are reminiscent of stone engraving or lettering on copper engravings, the wide horizontal axis is typical of Victorian screen types, but the result is much cleaner and leaves a crisp impression on letterpress or offset printing.
Goudy designed Copperplate Gothic in uppercase only, as the design was intended to be used for titles and keywords rather than body text. It is not at all characteristic of Goudy's work, which generally belongs to the old-style serif genre. Goudy created it early in his career when he needed commissions, although he wrote in his 1946 autobiography that he `` treasured '' the drawings for the quality of him and noted that the design was still used heavily. It was developed at the initiative of ATF manager Clarence Marder while Goudy lived in Hingham, Massachusetts. Later ATF cut other versions such as bold styles, condensed and shaded styles, but never lowercase.
The typeface is often used in stationery, for social printing, and business cards. It also looks classically etched in glass on the doors of law offices, banks, and restaurants.
The master printer JL Frazier, who is not a big fan of sans-serif type, wrote about him in 1925 that "a certain dignity of effect accompanies ... due to the absence of anything in the form of ornaments", which makes it a popular choice for stationery professionals like lawyers and doctors.

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Name  Copperplate Gothic Font
Style Wedge Serif
Designer Frederic W. Goudy
File Format OTF, TTF
Font Licence Free For Personal.
Type Free Font.

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