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Cocogoose Font is a type of geometric SANI serif, designed with straight lines, monolíneas, and circular or square forms. Its strong and modernist appearance has softened by rounded corners and mild visual corrections that make coco-packed not only perfect for logos and headers with a sense of time but also very readable as a source of text, thanks to its generous height X.
Cocogoose is part of the Gothic Coco family, a collection of twelve types of letters that are inspired by the fashion mood of every decade of the last century, named in tribute to the beloved Coco Chanel fashion icon. Its strong character makes it ideal for visualization uses.
The cocogoose standard is Gothic coconut for the 1940s. It has a higher x-height than Gothic coconut, it has a square score and comes with five pesos, regular to thin, as well as with three visualization variants: typography, Online, and sketched.
The original cocogoose has been completely redesigned in 2016 with a pro version that includes small capitals, anti-style numbers, a set of full Cyrillic and Greek characters, better screen performance, and a set of four superimposed decorative screen versions (shadow of blocks, Block blocks, block edge, block gradient).
In addition, COCOGOOSE has been complemented by 3 new widths: condensed, tablets, and narrows, each in multiple pesos with italics, and wearing the beloved typography version, which leads to the family a total of 52 pesos.
Note of the font author
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Cocogoose Font information

Name Cocogoose Font
Style Sans-serif
Designer Zetafonts
File Format OTF, TTF
Font Licence Free For Personal use.
Type Free Font.

Cocogoose Font Uses

You can also use for small businesses and business, as they have enough glyphs that work in different segments. Click on a solitary download work under the cooking source on your PC. Later, do not hesitate to use that type of letter as your anxiety. This source also comes in a regular style.
I know that, as you can, you can also buy the business permit of Jo Aguilar, then you can use it directly financially. For example, covers of books, slogans, cite, watermarks, official cards, and unique occasion cards, greetings, and weddings.

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Cocogoose Font Family

  1. Cocogoose Pro Thin
  2. Cocogoose Pro Ultralight
  3. Cocogoose Pro Light
  4. Cocogoose Pro Semilight
  5. Cocogoose Pro
  6. Cocogoose Pro Thin Italic
  7. Cocogoose Pro UltraLight Italic
  8. Cocogoose Pro Light Italic
  9. Cocogoose Pro Semilight Italic
  10. Cocogoose Pro Italic