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Century Schoolbook Font is a modern serif typeface designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1924. It was originally designed to be an easy-to-read font for use in textbooks. Many Americans first learned to read from Century Schoolbook-set books, which can give the typeface a nice, nostalgic feel. Century Schoolbook is available in two weights, regular and bold, each available with matching italics. A condensed and monospaced version is also available.

Century Schoolbook is familiar to many in North America as the typeface many first learned to read with. Morris Fuller Benton used research conducted by Clark University that showed that young readers more quickly identified letter shapes with contrasting weight, but with lighter strokes maintaining a presence. The tests also showed the importance of keeping the counter shape (the white space around the black letter shape) to recognize the face at smaller sizes. When designing the Century Schoolbook, M. F. Benton increased the x-height, stroke width, and overall letter spacing. The faces were published over a period of five years, all of which were designed by Benton and issued by A.T.F.:

Century Textbook (1918)

Century Textbook Italic (1921)

Century Schoolbook Bold (1923)

A last member of the Century family was an old-style version called the Schoolbook Oldstyle that began in 1920 and was released in 1926, followed in italics in 1928. This never caught on with the popularity of his sister's faces, it was never adapted for composition. of the machine (much less cold type or digital). and it was finally withdrawn.

Century Schoolbook Font information

Name Century Schoolbook Font
Style Serif
Designer Morris Fuller Benton
File Format OTF, TTF
Font Licence Free For Personal use.
Type Free Font.

Century Schoolbook Font Uses

The Century Schoolbook font is a pack of two vintage fonts that feature particular rough-textured designs. Extra particularly, Latin American wrestling and boxing.
There are a couple of sources in this house, and each of their weights has three types. The display patterns of regular century textbook typography are lush enough to shine through in massive sizes, while the textual content patterns are more restricted.
The resulting font becomes airy and bold. This century textbook bold italic typeface comes with a set of uppercase letters that are best suited for designing poster titles and website headers.
You will be able to create designs precisely like the one seen in the mockup using this pack. In case you didn't get the name trail, the Prompt font style alone might reveal what spurred you on.
Download this vintage typeface and use it in logos, prints, and site designs. You can use this beautiful typography in MS Word.

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