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438 Pages · 2008 · 3.45 MB By Lynn Lundquist

Are you frustrated with your English study? Do you want to speak English? Instead, they teach him to write sentences in English and to memorize the rules of grammar. There is a better way. The best way to learn a language is to speak it. Therefore, the author of SPOKEN ENGLISH LEARNED QUICKLY developed a method so that he can learn English by speaking it even when he does not yet know the language. Two US patent applications have been filed. UU In the method. This new method even allows the beginning student to speak grammatically correct English for two or more hours a day. The Fluency Builder course provides enough audio material for nine months of study of spoken English. By repeating the grammatically correct sentences in English, you will quickly learn to speak fluently. The course emphasizes the correct use of the English verb. SPEAKING IN ENGLISH LEARNED QUICKLY uses advanced or advanced study levels: all students use the same course and immediately immerse themselves in spoken and normal English.
This Spoken English Learned Quickly course was written for university students and professionals. Introduces the new Commentary Training Method that, for each hour of study, results in almost twice as much fluency in the ESL instruction. When you studied English using ESL classes, you spent many hours writing assignments and memorizing English grammar. But he got discouraged because he still could not speak English fluently.
Learning spoken English quickly can turn your discouragement into optimism. Our students spend all their study time speaking English.

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