Brian Tracy Goals: How to Get Everything You Want (Download-PDF- Online Reading-Summary)

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    Why do some people achieve all their goals while others simply dream of having a better life? Best-selling author Brian Tracy shows that the path from frustration to realization has already been discovered. Hundreds of thousands, even millions, of men and women have started with nothing and have achieved great success. Here Tracy presents the essential principles you need to know to make your dreams come true.
    Tracy presents a simple, powerful and effective system to establish and achieve objectives, a method that has been used by more than one million people to achieve extraordinary things. In this second revised and expanded edition, it has added three new chapters that address areas where objectives can be more rewarding but also the most difficult to establish and maintain: finances, family, and health.
    Using Tracy's twenty-one strategies, you can achieve whatever goal is established, no matter how big it is. You will discover how to determine your own strengths, what you really value in life and what you really want to achieve in the coming years. Tracy shows how to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence, address each problem or obstacle effectively, overcome difficulties, respond to challenges and continue towards their goals, no matter what happens. The most important thing is that you will learn a system of achievements that you will use for the rest of your life.
    About the Author
    Brian Tracy is one of the leading consultants, coaches, and speakers of the administration in the world. It took from poverty to wealth using precisely the methods explained in this book. It targets more than 250,000 people worldwide each year and has served as a consultant and trainer for more than 1,000 corporations, including IBM, Ford, McDonnell Douglas, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, US Bancorp. UU., Northwestern Mutual, Federal Express and many others. He is the author of 50 books translated into 38 languages and more than 500 audio programs.


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