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We Were Liars Novel By E. Lockhart is an adult novel for adults of 2014 by E. Lockhart. The novel has been acclaimed by critics and won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fiction for Young Adults. It was also listed as one of the 10 Best ALA Fictions for Young Adults in 2015. We Were Liars focuses on the issue of self-acceptance, family morals, and the possibly deadly consequences of one's mistakes. It focuses on the seemingly perfect Sinclair family, who spends all summers gathered on their private island. However, not all summers are the same: when something happens to Cadence during the summer of her fifteenth year, the four "liars" (Cadence, Johnny, Gat, and Mirren) resurface two years later for Cadence to remember the incident.

Book Details

Author E. Lockhart
Country United States
Language English
Genre Young adult fiction
Published 2014
Publisher Delacorte Press
Media type Print (HardcoverPaperback)
Pages 227 pages

Book Review
E. Lockhart's novel, We Were Liars, is intelligent, attractive and tremendously addictive. Every summer, the rich and seemingly perfect members of the Sinclair family gather on their private island. We Were Liars is the story of those annual meetings; In particular, what happened during a summer that the protagonist Cadence cannot remember. The prejudices, greed and changing patriarchal favoritism between the three adult sisters contrast with the camaraderie and worldview of teenage cousins ​​and their dear friend Gat. Lazy days of sticky lemonades on the roof and Scrabble marathon games give way to twisted suspense, true love and good intentions that have gone terribly wrong. We Were a Liar is a story that asks to be read at once.

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