Nineteen Eighty Four By George Orwell (Download-PDF-Online Reading-Summary)


(Download-PDF-Online Reading-Summary)

One of the most famous classics of the 20th century, Orwell's warning story of a man trapped under the gaze of an authoritarian state feels more relevant now than ever.
Winston Smith, a member of the Foreign Party, spends his days rewriting history to fit the narrative that his government wants citizens to create. But as the gap between the propaganda he writes and the reality he lives becomes too difficult for Winston to swallow, he begins to look for some form of escape. His desperate struggle to free himself from a tyrannical, all-encompassing state illuminates the apparent tendencies in every modern society and makes the universal situation of the individual vivid.
One thousand nine hundred and eighty-four, often published in 1984, is a dystopian novel published in 1949 by the English author George Orwell. The novel is set in Airstrip One, formerly Great Britain, a province of the superstar of Oceania, whose residents are victims of perpetual war. omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation. The political ideology of Oceania, euphemistically called English Socialism (shortened to "Ingsoc" in Newspeak, the language invented by the government that will replace the English or Oldspeak) is imposed by the privileged Interior Party elite. Through the "Thought Police", the Internal Party pursues individualism and independent thinking, which are considered as "thought crimes".
The tyranny is apparently supervised by a mysterious leader known as Big Brother, who enjoys an intense cult of personality. The Party "seeks power completely by itself, is not interested in the good of others, is only interested in power." The protagonist of the novel, Winston Smith, is a member of the Foreign Party, who works for the Ministry of Truth, or Minitrue in Newspeak. Minitrue is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism. Smith's job is to rewrite previous newspaper articles, so the historical record always backs the Party's agenda. Workers are told that they are correcting wrong citations when they write false information at the scene. Minitrue also destroys all previous editions of the revised work. This method ensures that there is no evidence of government interference. Smith is a diligent and skillful worker, but secretly hates the Party and dreams of rebellion against Big Brother. Smith begins his acts of rebellion by initiating a sexual relationship with Julia, an employee of the Fiction Department at Minitrue. He received a book by O'Brien, a member of the Interior Party and another rebel, who details the truth behind the actions of the Party. Smith's attempts at self-education and rebellion are annulled when he is arrested by O'Brien himself. Smith discovers that O'Brien was actually working for the Ministry of Love (Miniluv), the ministry in charge of torturing dissidents. Smith is subjected to many forms of torture and is forced into the terror chamber known as the Room. 101. There he is tortured by his worst fear, the rats, and he is forced to betray Julia. He is released from Miniluv, and Orwell describes his life after his release for the rest of the book. Smith ends the story by watching a military update on the screen and feeling an intense love for Big Brother.
As a literary fiction and dystopian science fiction, Nineteen Eighty-Four is a classic novel in content, plot, and style. Many of its terms and concepts, such as Big Brother, doublethink, thoughtcrime, Newspeak, Room 101, telescreen, 2 + 2 = 5 and memory hole, have come into common use since its publication in 1949. Nineteen eighty-four popularized Orwellian Adjective, which describes official deception, secret surveillance, blatantly misleading terminology and the manipulation of recorded history by a totalitarian or authoritarian state. In 2005, Time magazine chose the novel as one of the 100 best novels in English from 1923 to 2005. It was awarded a place in both lists of 100 Best Novels of the Modern Library, reaching number 13 on the publisher's list, and 6 in the reader's list. In 2003, the novel was included in number 8 in the BBC survey The Big Read.

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Author George Orwell
Cover artist Michael Kennard
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Dystopianpolitical fictionsocial science fiction
Set in London, Oceania
Publisher Secker & Warburg
Publication date
8 June 1949
Media type Print (hardback and paperback)
  • NPR Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books