GameLoop - Download Android Emulator For PC (Latest Version)


Gameloop is an Android emulator and a gaming platform. The games utility tool allows you to play games published by Tencent and other mobile games on your PC. At the same time, you can use it to discover, download, and play popular Android games. The platform's GameCenter allows you to install Android games such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Clash of Clans, and Royal Clash. You'll see that Gameloop can display crisp, vibrant graphics. This is possible thanks to the PC rendering hardware. It offers the same visual quality as a smartphone, allowing mobile gamers to enjoy their game on any screen.

Improve your games
Emulators allow systems to act like other systems. In the case of the GameLoop emulator, it turns your PC into a game host for titles that are usually played on smartphones and consoles.

That way, you can access games you normally couldn't, and you'll get a better gaming experience with a more substantial screen, mouse, and keyboard.

GameLoop is an updated version of Tencent's previous GameBuddy. GameBuddy was its legitimate and official Android emulator, with the aim of facilitating the game of this developer.

Since Tencent tends to create multiplayer games that benefit from precise control, this update makes the experience even easier. GameLoop is your new official emulator.

Some of the most popular mobile games out there, including Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile, are available through the GameLoop emulator.

How GameLoop Works
When it comes to requirements, installing GameLoop will require at least 4GB of RAM, a minimum hard drive space of 1.5GB, and an Intel or AMD processor of i5 or higher.

GameLoop for Windows requires operating system versions 7 and higher. Unfortunately, you won't find this program for Mac.

If you meet these conditions, the installation is a piece of cake. Download the APK and the wizard will guide you through the process in minutes.

Once you start the emulator, you will also need to manually install the games to use it. When it does, it also allows you to adjust your graphics settings.

GameLoop and all its features come in three languages: English, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Once your first window opens, you can switch between them. You can also switch between three screen resolutions: 1024x576, 1280x720, and 1366x768.

GameLoop Features
Although somewhat specialized for Tencent games, GameLoop is an excellent general Android games emulator. In addition to being the official app to emulate PUBG Mobile, it shows broad compatibility with some of the most popular Android game titles.

It also allows you to optimize controls and networks for a smoother fame experience. You can adjust the controls to your liking and enjoy your game.

While using your keyboard and mouse to play GameLoop will use the default game settings. If you want to change them, all you need to do is visit the settings box and adjust the controls.

The interface comes with an integrated game browser. Therefore, you can download and install games from your library with a single click.

The network is optimized and uses the capabilities of your PC to guarantee games without delay. With the updated version of its emulator, Tencent also included the feature called 'Network Acceleration' to enhance its high ping gameplay.

Games and game quality
In GameLoop, there is a window under the name "GameCenter". From there, you can download and run various games. Some titles include PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Candy Crush Saga, and more. GameLoop for Call of Duty is especially popular.

Some of the default Tencent games will come pre-installed with the emulator. In this case, you can reinstall them to optimize frames per second (FPS) when playing.

In general, the level of graphics will vary depending on your computer configuration: the higher its capabilities, the better the graphics. If your PC is mid to high level, you should have no trouble running your titles on HD graphics.

On the other hand, if you're playing from a low-profile PC or laptop with built-in graphics, there are 'Smooth' and 'Balanced' settings for you to choose to increase stability, albeit at the expense of looks.

The social aspect
Another great thing about this emulator is its social aspect. Because Tencent games tend to be multiplayer, they integrated user discovery support and built-in friend lists into their interface.

If your friends are not active on the platform, you can join the official lobby and from there to a room where they will match you with your colleagues to join a game. The lobby and rooms also allow you to send text and voice messages.

Tencent cooperates with Nimo TV to allow you to watch live streams of different famous and dark players. It does not require a browser because all the transmission occurs in the emulator.

PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) is exclusively designed from the official Playerunknown battlegrounds for mobile devices. PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Tencent Games with the most intense free multiplayer action. It is a player versus player shooting game in which up to a hundred players fight in a real battle, a type of large-scale deathmatch of the last man standing where players fight to remain the last alive. Survival is key and the last one standing wins. Be the only one, surviving the end with a big-screen experience.

It is suggested to play PUBG Mobile on PC with GameLoop as it could provide you with the following assists:

* Fast and accurate controller with mouse and keyboard. Like other FPS games, PUBG Mobile requires gamers to process flexible and fluid gameplay on PC. Thus, GameLoop's exclusive AOW engine ensures players improve precise shooting and aiming skills with less lag and jamming in the game.

* 2K resolution, graphic support of 3A masterpiece. If you want to participate in Battel Royale on PUBG Mobile, GameLoop could provide you with immersive gaming experience, plus players are more likely to get a detailed view of the map design and specific weapons they use.

* Lower equipment requirement, min. 2GB of RAM. Although Free Fire has a high requirement for equipment quality. GameLoop has addressed these concerns and has reduced the requirement, the player could play an FPS game on PC without worrying about the shutdown and limited space issues.

* Exclusive third party payment. In addition to a controller and geographic optimization, GameLoop offers the exclusive, unique, and third-party payment solution, ensuring that players can consume directly and more safely on GameLoop.

Excellent optimization of Tencent game titles
Allows game download
Varied and growing game center
Lobbies for a social aspect
Live streaming available through the emulator

Not much support for other types of applications
Focus on Tencent games