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TeamViewer is a proprietary software application for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between computers.

Launched in 2005, TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable remote online support and collaboration worldwide. To thrive now and for years to come, businesses and individuals need remote desktop support, remote access, and online collaboration to connect worldwide. TeamViewer is at the forefront of that innovation.

TeamViewer is a remote control, desktop sharing, and file transfer solution that works behind any firewall and NAT proxy. To connect to another computer, simply run TeamViewer on both machines without the need for an installation procedure. With the first start, automatic partner IDs are generated on both computers. Enter your partner's ID into TeamViewer and the connection is established immediately.

A remote desktop application
TeamViewer is a secure, free, and proprietary software that enables desktop sharing, remote control, online meetings, and file transfers. It is a complete and secure PC access application that is highly recommended for IT administrators. The software is about enabling employees to collaborate seamlessly through their computers.

Features for virtual collaboration
TeamViewer offers a remote access solution that can be expanded so that multiple people can work collaboratively with their computers. The software offers a virtual alternative for brainstorming sessions and meetings between team members without having to physically meet anywhere.

The software has impressive cross-platform capabilities and an advanced security model and offers a comprehensive set of remote access features.

To install TeamViewer on the host and guest systems, you must install a small 23MB application. You can also run the program through web-based control, with no installation required. You will be asked if you want to add a TeamViewer printer driver for remote printing.

Users can also add a TeamViewer VPN for added security. Another option that you will have available is to integrate the interface with Microsoft Outlook. To set up the program, you will need to sign up for an account.

The process is relatively simple and does not require much time. Once the application is installed on both ends, you will be able to establish a link and access the remote computer, as well as the complete set of functions of the program.

The TeamViewer interface mimics Microsoft's remote desktop in many ways. It is clean and easy to navigate. It provides a central control bar where you will have easy access to any action. You will see a small window of the taskbar that appears and users access all the tools. You will also be able to see who controls the computer.

All activity in the account is recorded to report through the application's web portal. All registered endpoints are kept there. The web portal is also simple in design, with menus on the left and information panels on the right.

What is TeamViewer used for?
As for remote access tools, this program offers a complete set of features. You can easily work with others using the Memo Chat, VoIP, or phone feature, annotating the screen, and inviting others to a session.

The application can record audio and video. You can even initiate voice calls with your connection partner. You can also use TeamViewer to access remote scripts, capture screenshots, and transfer files up to 2GB. For added defense, you can use it as a VPN for secure links. If you added the Outlook integration, you can schedule meetings and webinars.

Users can also make phone calls, VOIP, and video and create presentations to share easily. Rather than having to physically huddle around a computer, this virtual desktop allows you to do this from your own respective system.

One notable aspect of this remote connection tool is that you can build to customize the system to meet the needs of your organization. The system supports cross-platform access on Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Blackberry devices.

TeamViewer has a top of the line multi-monitor support system where you can view each monitor individually as a super desktop; This facilitates navigation between sessions. For the workplace, this is convenient since you can have many open sessions for all the computers you need to control.

The software has a complex and complete security model. All traffic uses 256-bit AES encryption and https / SSL, which means that it is difficult for anyone to intercept unencrypted data passed over the Internet or LAN. There is also a 2048-bit RSA private/public key that is exchanged between sessions and centralized master servers.

TeamViewer also has two-factor authentication. You can choose "Trusted Devices" for blocking solutions and add security. Any unusual activity triggers a password reset only through the email of the account owner.

Software plans and costs
The advanced tools TeamViewer offers are free. There are three different plans that you can choose from. Plans are billed annually, based on a monthly rate. If you need to add mobile capabilities, you will be asked to purchase an additional package that is charged annually.

TeamViewer's free "Personal Plan" is designed with minimal remote access features. You will have access to capabilities that will allow you to connect with friends and family, but file sharing and other tools are limited.

The "Single User" plan is a solid option. You will have access between a user and unlimited computers, although all with a single simultaneous session. The "Multi-user" account offers a premium license and will give you similar access for multiple licensed users.

The team plan is a little expensive, but with a corporate license. This license is similar to the others but allows three concurrent sessions and more remote capabilities. Three as a maximum number of simultaneous sessions is quite low and does not fit the needs of those who need to scale. If IT managers need access to many sessions at once, they will have to pay to upgrade.

Those looking for a free alternative to TeamViewer should search AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, or LogMeIn. Many of these programs are not as powerful but are much cheaper.

The standard in remote control
TeamViewer offers some of the best remote access solutions available, regardless of its few drawbacks. In terms of functionality and performance, the tool makes working on devices and platforms easier. It is designed to bring workers together and can do just that. Connect to remote computers and collaborate online.

Despite its high price, this program remains the leader in global remote connectivity solutions. If you want to try the program, you can sign up for the free TeamViewer plan for personal use. The latest version offers improved communication, security, and file transfer functions. There is an update released annually.

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