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"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!": Adventures of a Curious Character is an edited collection of reminiscences of the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. The book, published in 1985, covers a variety of cases in Feynman's life. The anecdotes in the book are based on recorded audio conversations Feynman had with his close friend and drummer Ralph Leighton.

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Pages: 350 p. (US hardcover edition) & 322 p. (US paperback edition)
Genres: Biography, Autobiography, Humour


Book Summary
A New York Times bestseller: The outrageous exploits of one of the greatest scientific minds of this century and a legendary American original.

Richard Feynman, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, prospered with scandalous adventures. Here he recounts in his inimitable voice his experience exchanging ideas on atomic physics with Einstein and Bohr and ideas on gambling with Nick the Greek; break the unbreakable safes that hold the deepest nuclear secrets; accompanying a ballet on his bongo drums; painting a naked bullfighter. In short, here is Feynman's life in all its eccentric: a combustible mix of high intelligence, boundless curiosity, and furious cheek.

Book Review
A series of anecdotes should not, by right, add to an autobiography, but that is just one of many pieces of received wisdom that Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman (1918-88) gleefully ignores in his captivating and eccentric book, a bestseller never seen. since its initial publication in 1985. Fiercely independent (read the chapter entitled "Judging books by their covers"), intolerant of stupidity even when it comes to high intellectualism (see "Is electricity fire?"), unafraid to offend (see "Just ask them?"), Feynman informs entertaining. You may enjoy Surely You're Kidding, Mr. Feynman simply as a bunch of hilarious stories with the know-it-all author as the know-it-all hero. At some point, however, attentive readers realize that underneath all the joy simmers a continual commentary on what constitutes authentic knowledge: learning by understanding, not by rote; refusal to give up seemingly insoluble problems; and total disrespect for fantastic ideas that have no basis in the real world. Feynman himself had all these qualities in spades, and they manifest themselves with vigor and verve in his bullless prose. No wonder his students, and readers around the world, adored him.

About The Author of The Book Richard Feynman
Richard P. Feynman (1918–1988) was a professor at Cornell University and CalTech and received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1965. In 1986 he served with distinction on the Rogers Commission investigating the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

Ralph Leighton lives in northern California.


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