The Dictionary of Body Language: A Field Guide to Human Behavior Book By Joe Navarro (PDF-Book-Summary-Review-Online Reading-Download)


The Dictionary of Body Language: A Field Guide to Human Behavior Book By Joe Navarro

Joe Navarro has spent his entire life observing others. For 25 years, as an FBI special agent, he directed and supervised interrogations of spies and other dangerous criminals, honing his mastery of non-verbal communication. After retiring from the office, he has become a sought-after public speaker and consultant, and an internationally best-selling author. Now, a decade after his groundbreaking book What Every BODY is Saying, Navarro is back with his most ambitious work yet. The Body Language Dictionary is a pioneering "field guide" to nonverbal communication, describing and explaining the more than 400 behaviors that will allow you to gauge anyone's true intentions.

Moving from head to toe, Navarro reveals the hidden meanings behind the many conscious and subconscious things we do. Readers will learn to distinguish a person's real feelings from subtle changes in their students; lip behaviors that reveal concerns or hidden information; the different varieties of arm posture and what each one means; how the position of our thumbs when we are upright reflecting our state of mind; and many other fascinating ideas to help you read others and change their perceptions of you.

Readers will come to The Dictionary Body Language again and again, a body language bible for anyone looking to understand what their boss really means, interpret whether or not a potential romantic partner is interested, and learn how to present themselves in the most effective way. favorable.

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Originally published: August 9, 2018
Genres: Self-help book, Field guide

Book Review
The ultimate reference in body language. I will refer to and recommend this book daily for many years.

After reading "What Everybody Says" by the author, I really started to notice the body language, and that book was a really good introduction.
This one isn't good as an introduction - it lacks illustrations and describes body language literally from head to toe, rather than the basics to niceties.
I think its main purpose is to jog your memory. If you are not sure what a particular gesture or pose means, you can search for it here. It is much easier to do with this book, as its content is classified from top to bottom of the body. Also, it has more information than "What Everybody's Saying" and it doesn't tell stories.
The book serves its purposes very well.

About The Author of The Book Joe Navarro
FBI Special Agent (Ret.) JOE NAVARRO worked for the Bureau in counterintelligence and counterterrorism. He is now a lecturer and consultant for major companies worldwide. He is the author of What Every BODY is Saying, and has appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews, the Today Show, the CBS Early Show, CNN, Fox News, and other major media. He lives in Tampa, Florida.