How to Analyze People on Sight Book (PDF-Summary-Review-Online Reading-Download)


How to Analyze People on Sight or How to Analyze People on Sight Through the Science of Human Analysis: The Five Human Types is a 1921 book by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict. Published and bound by Roycrofters in East Aurora, New York, it remains a major Project Gutenberg downloads.

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What the newspapers have said about Elsie Benedict and her work "More than fifty thousand people listened to Elsie Lincoln Benedict in the City Auditorium during her six weeks of participation in a conference in Milwaukee." Milwaukee Leader, April 2, 1921. "Elsie Lincoln Benedict has a brilliant record. She is like a fresh breath of ozone from Colorado. Her ideas are as inspiring as the healthy breeze from the Rocky Mountains." - New York Evening Mail, April 16, 1914. "Several hundred people were rejected for the last time in the Masonic Temple. Night in which Elsie Lincoln Benedict, a famous human analyst, spoke on" How to analyze the people in sight. Asked how he could attract and gather a crowd of 3,000 for a conference, he said, 'Because I'm talking about the one topic in the world that every individual is most interested in: himself.' Seattle Times, June 2, 1920 "Elsie Lincoln Benedict is a woman who has studied deeply with genuine scientists and is demonstrating to thousands in the Auditorium every night that she knows the connection between an individual's external characteristics and their internal traits." Minneapolis News, November 7, 1920. "Elsie Lincoln Benedict is nationally known, having taught lecture courses in many of the great eastern cities. Her work is based on the practical methods of modern science as elaborated in the world's leading laboratories where exhaustive tests are applied to determine individual types, talents, vocational inclinations, and possibilities. "- San Francisco Bulletin, January 25, 1919.