PdaNet+ APK For Android - Download Free Latest APK Version


PdaNet+ is one of the best Android apps of all time. PdaNet + shares the Internet access of your Android phone with your computer or tablet. PdaNet + works on all Android phones without rooting. It also doesn't require an anchor plan, which will save you $ 20 a month with most providers.
PdaNet + supports connection via WiFi, USB Tether, or Bluetooth DUN. There is no speed limit on PdaNet+.

Do I need this software?

PdaNet software has been around since the first Treo smartphone in 2003. With over 30 million downloads in total, it must be something everyone needs, right? Well ... it really depends on the type of data plan you have for your phone. There are 4 types of data plans from most carriers:
1. Your data plan (limited or unlimited) does not allow you to activate the mobile hotspot feature on your phone (it requires you to call your provider).
2. Your data plan is unlimited and you can activate a mobile hotspot from your phone to use it. But hotspot usage is "measured" based on a cap (say 5G / month). After that, the speed will be reduced to a minimum. (FoxFi can't help this!)
3. Your data plan is unlimited and you can activate a mobile hotspot from your phone with unlimited use of LTE and no limitation. This plan does NOT exist or is not planned. But we have seen loopholes in some phone models to allow it.
4. Your data plan is limited and allows you to activate the mobile hotspot from your phone. The use of the mobile hotspot is below the same limit of the data plan.
If your plan is less than 1 or 2, you will need to use PdaNet +. If your plan belongs to 3 or 4, PdaNet + will not make any difference. If you're not sure which plan you have, it won't hurt to always use PdaNet +.
The free edition of PdaNet + will have a timed usage limit; otherwise, it is the same as the full version.
Sprint and AT&T may not allow you to install our application from the Play Store, please install the apk file directly from or install it from the computer side.


Tech Specification

Platforms Android
Supported Operating System Android 4.1+ or higher required
License Free
Version 5.23
Language English