Handbook for Regulatory Requisites & Building Approvals for Real Estate Developments in Hyderabad


This handbook presents the standard regulatory practices and procedures involved in developing different real estate projects including residential, commercial, institution, and warehouse developments in Hyderabad. The handbook covers applicable regulatory requisites required during the entire lifecycle of a real-estate project (pre-construction, construction & post completion). Following aspects are covered in detail:

  • Statutory authorities involved in real estate legislation and regulations.
  • Required approvals/NOCs from competent authorities for residential, commercial, institution and warehousing developments.
  • Issuing authority, applicability, conditions precedent, validity applicable for different approvals/NOCs.
  • Associated cost and timelines to obtain each development approvals/NOCs.
  • Applicable city level impact fees & special levy charges.
  • Approval procedure (pre-construction) & site inspection procedures involved during the construction and post-completion stage.
  • A short note on other special conditions including amended regulations to the Building Rules 2012 vide G.O. Ms. No.168, Water bodies/ Buffer zones, stipulated regulations for Skyscraper zones, development of green layout, applicable APECBC-2017, and applied basic regulations by the building type.
  • New Government initiative on building approval process, through TSbPASS (to be implemented).


This handbook will help different stakeholders of real estate development (Investment Fund, NBFCs, Banks, Developers, Landowners, Property Investors, Corporates, Architects, and other Technical Consultants) to make informed decisions for the design, development, investment, and due diligence purpose.

Please note that, this handbook does not cover specific business/operation licenses & permits (e.g. Trade license, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license, explosive clearance license, labour laws compliances, company incorporation, GST registration, sales & customs registrations etc.) required post completion of developments.

To formulate this handbook, we reviewed the applicable Government’s regulations on real estate, relevant Government Orders (GOs), Andhra Pradesh Building Rules-2012, Hyderabad Master Plan 2031, official websites of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) & Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), other applicable development plans, and new planned initiatives. Also, the Information’s were collected through our interactions with various Government officials, liaison professionals, architects, and other technical consultants.

63 pages; March 2021