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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is a skateboard video game, the sixth entry in the Tony Hawk series after Tony Hawk's Underground. It was developed by Neversoft and published by Activision on October 4, 2004, in the US for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Advance platforms. The PlayStation Portable version was released on March 15 of the following year and was renamed Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix, which includes additional levels and characters.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 received generally positive reviews, with praise for its gameplay, aesthetics, and classic mode, but criticism for its story and lack of innovation.



How To Play

The gameplay in Underground 2 is similar to previous Tony Hawk games: the player skates in a 3D environment inspired by various cities and attempts to complete various objectives. Most of the objectives involve skating over various objects or performing combos. Scores are calculated by adding the sum of the point value of each chained trick in a combo and then multiplying it by the number of tricks in the combo. New gameplay features include the Focus ability, which the player can activate with a full special gauge to cause the time to slow down to help maintain their combo (allowing more control of their grind balance, for example); the Natas Spin, which can be done on small surfaces such as pillars or fire hydrants; and the Freak Out, which serves as another combo starter by having the player fill up a gauge after certain dances, which will cause them to angrily dispose of their board before continuing their session. Also, the Wallplant move was reused as a Sticker Slap.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 2000/XP or newer
Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1.5 GHz or better
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 64 MB 100% DirectX(R) 9.0b compatible Video Card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 2 GB available space

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