THUG Pro - Free Download For PC


THUG Pro (Tony Hawk's Underground: Pro) is a full conversion mod for the 2004 video game Tony Hawk's Underground 2. It uses its gameplay as the basis for a complete collection of levels from all of the original Neversoft games in the series, for your use. in single-player and online multiplayer mode.

The mod has been continuously updated since its initial beta release in 2013. The mod is free to download, but Underground 2 must be installed.

How To Play

THUG Pro, being an Underground 2 mod, has similar gameplay to the 6th generation era entries in the Tony Hawk series of games. The mod focuses on online multiplayer as the main game mode and there is no single-player campaign. Its only single-player mode is "Freeskate"/"High Score Run", which allows players to practice playing online. Online multiplayer consists of all of the traditional game types found in previous Tony Hawk games.

The game includes most of the levels from the Neversoft era of the franchise, except for Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.

THUG Pro Free Download