HTC offers a $ 100 discount on Vive to celebrate its one year anniversary

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    HTC offers a $ 100 discount on Vive to celebrate its one year anniversary

    Taiwanese company HTC revealed that on April 5, there will be a $ 100 discount on Vive virtual reality glasses.

    HTC has announced the anniversary of the launch of Viva VR that it will provide a discount on its glasses, in addition to this is not the only offer provided by the company.

    HTC also added that it will provide a free subscription for a period of up to one month at Vive port to enjoy more virtualization games and applications. More than 1,600 virtual reality applications are available in various stores,

    The cost of Vive port's monthly subscription is $ 6.99. Daniel O'Brien, the company's general manager in the United States, says he admires what developers have done during the first year of Vive apps, and is also impressed by the impact Virtual reality whether in corporate use or home use.

    Features of Htc One M8
    1 - Characterized by the structure of the metal is the best and highest quality of plastic.
    2 - High definition screen Super LCD3 Cabestive supports touch 16 million colors.
    3 - The screen size is also distinguished by 1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.0 inches.
    4 - smooth and fast performance with quad-core processor 2.3 GHz.
    5 - Beautiful design attractive and sophisticated.
    6 - Its wonderful sound and added Boom Sound audio feature that offers a powerful sound.
    7 - also features a dual camera, which includes a sensitive can know the distance between the introduction and background image, allowing the possibility of camouflage the background to access images of a professional nature.
    8 - Guarantee of the screen in case it breaks within 6 months.
    9 - Commitment to update to the latest version of Android within two years after the announcement.
    10 - the possibility of adding a memory Micro - up to 128 GB compared to the previous phone Htc One.

    Defects of Htc One M8
    1- The camera and the imaging quality is not more than 4 megapixels.
    2 - The removable battery cannot be separated from the device.
    3 - compared to competitors is neither against nor waterproof.
    4 - Battery performance is average and not high.
    5 - RAM: Only 2 GB compared to other competing phones.
    6 - The phone price is higher than other competing phones.