The Useful Guide to Getting a Used Car Loan


Ownership of a car was still somewhat of a novelty in the 1980s. There are only a few people who were able to afford them. It was all the rage in the 2000s to own an expensive new family car, but not everyone bought one. By 2021, however, a paradigm shift will occur in the way people purchase automobiles. Nowadays, almost every family possesses a vehicle and may even have two cars. It's now part of routine to upgrade from a gearless scooter or bike to a budget family car or used bigger vehicle. In addition, used cars are becoming more acceptable. They are more cost-effective and more time-saving to buy than rent. 

Credit financing made it easier to buy cars because payment methods were easy. Banks and private lenders offer flexible EMIs and require little paperwork today. It is easier than ever to own your dream car with a car loan for second hand car.

What is a used car loan?

A financial institution offers us a loan to buy a used car. Lenders usually approve loans based on your car's age, condition, and value. The interest rate depends on your credit and the car. A higher credit score means a better interest rate, while a lower score means a higher interest rate.

If you want to finance a car quickly, a car loan offers many benefits. Used cars are cheaper than new cars, so you can get a loan for less. But this comes with its challenges. Old car loan finance has a higher interest rate than a new car loan since a used car might cost you less, but it has a lesser value to the lender.

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Advantages of obtaining a used car loan from Car Kharido Becho 24

Used car loans are almost as easy as new car loans. They are simple and hassle-free. Applying for a car loan isn't as challenging as it sounds. Anyone with a stable income can receive it. Customers search for second hand car Dealers near me on Google before learning that used car loans offer the following main advantages:

  • The used car would cost less than a new one, so the loan would need to be less, so the EMI would be lower. Consequently, this makes it very affordable.
  • Most lenders offer flexible repayment terms.
  • The bank or other financial institution may provide 100% of the required loan.
  • There is little paperwork and the process is straightforward. The process is also available online.
  • Disbursement is quick and the interest rate is competitive.
  • There are many features and rebates in used car loans, but they are much easier to obtain.

How to Obtain Used Car Loan?

Anyone who wants to purchase a car can apply for a car loan and cheap car insurance with Car Kharido Becho 24. Eligible applicants must follow specific rules. Any self-employed, salaried, professional, or business owner with a regular income who is between the ages of 21 and 65, and has a minimum payment capacity, can apply for a used car loan. Indian citizenship is not required. A car loan doesn't require any other collateral.

What to consider when applying

  • Do thorough research on the banks and NBFCs that offer used car loans prior to applying.
  • Compare their terms, tenure, and interest rates. Used cars have a higher ROI than new ones.
  • To check for the loan details and the documentation process, visit the nearby branch or call customer service.
  • Complete the online or paper application.
  • Attach the following documents to the form:
    • Passport-size photos.
    • Car valuation report.
    • Proof of identification such as an Aadhaar card, passport, Pan card, and voter's card.
    • Proof of address, such as a voter's ID, LIC policy, the electric bill, Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, etc.
    • Signature proof
    • Proof of income: Salary slip, form 16, bank statements, balance sheet, profit and loss account, audit sheet, etc.

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