A Comprehensive List BYJU’S Study Materials

Today, BYJU’S education has become so esteemed that it is the only signature name asserted by most parents and students. The early thought behind choosing BYJU’S is to revamp the students’ learning into reflective learning but engaging and fun. Several BYJU’S reviews by parents illustrate how it has become a blazing talk among them. Everything is so cordial, from highly skilled teachers to exciting videos to the study material provided. Following is the list of study material BYJU’S provide once you become part of the renowned institute.  


NCERT Books with Solutions

CBSE is one of the esteemed educational boards in India, and most of the CBSE-affiliated schools follow the NCERT curriculum. Hence, BYJU’S also follows the NCERT syllabus. It provides the books and their solutions to grades 1 to 12. One can get the NCERT books in easily accessible pdf format, which you can scroll and read sitting anywhere and at any time, irrespective of the device used for reading. 


CBSE Sample and Question Papers

Students can effectively prepare for their final exams by reviewing and practicing the questions from the question papers provided by BYJU’S. The format of sample papers is the replica of the final question papers of the exam. Once students solve these sample papers, they are always ready to crack their finals. 10th and 12th being the vital years, students can get the question papers of the previous years so that they have a glimpse of important questions. 


Important Questions for CBSE

Students can quickly revise the syllabus through BYJU’S important question paper sets. It includes all the HOT’S and FAQs from the syllabus of grades 8 to 12. This study material is paramount for those who find preparing the whole syllabus the most challenging and tedious task. 


NCERT Exemplar solutions

NCERT Exemplar solutions are boon to the students appearing for all the competitive examinations such as JEE and NEET. The questions are difficult compared to NCERT solutions, and answers to these extraordinary questions are available for students in grades 7 to 12. 


Notes and Essays for CBSE students

Essay writing is part and parcel of education from standard 1st to 12th and carries considerable weightage in exams. BYJU’S provides exclusive examples of essay writing which not only helps in the construction of ideas but also builds up writing skills.  


General Knowledge questions

General knowledge comes in handy at any point in life. BYJU’S handover books contain GK questions related to India’s neighboring countries, rivers, peaks, national animals, world cup winners, and so on. 

Thus, there are several benefits of attributing BYJU’S study material. According to maximum BYJU’S reviews by students, it not only allows them to score well in their exams but also enhances their thinking abilities. The study material is written in extremely simple language that can be easily understood and instantly clear concepts.