Healthy and Easy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast hasn’t earned the title of the ‘most important meal’ for nothing. It is the meal that we consume after a fast of almost 7-8 hours. Hence, it becomes even more important to make it one that is high in nutrition and protein. Yet with our jam-packed schedule and meetings lined up, it seems quite like a task to get into the kitchen and make a hearty breakfast!

If this strikes you, if you also hate to leave home empty-stomach yet find it hard to decide on what to eat, here is a full-proof guide for you. 

Mille Supergrains has the ultimate solution for sorting your dilemmas for your morning hunger pangs. They have tasty mixes, millet breakfast and cereals that add a healthier touch to our daily start. Here are some suggestions from Mille Supergrain that will make your every morning more delicious, nutritious, and quicker. 

  • Vanilla Buckwheat Millet Flakes: Mille Supergrain has added a healthy twist to the regular cornflakes. Vanilla Buckwheat millet flakes are infused with fiber, and protein and is made with the goodness of millet. The vanilla buckwheat millet flakes have two times the fiber than a regular bowl of cornflakes which helps you stay fuller for longer hours. The classic vanilla flavor adds the extra kick to the morning bowl of goodness. 

  • Blueberry Millet Pancake Mix: In the mood for something tasty and fruity? Kickstart your mornings with taste and nutrition with the blueberry millet pancake mix that has the best of ingredients like Sorghum, Oats, and Foxtail Mille. You can make a small batch for your morning meal. Garnish it with some banana and maple syrup or honey to enjoy breakfast. 

  • Banana Choco Chip Pancake Mix: Banana is an excellent source of energy, and adding some choco chip to them can be a perfect way to start your mornings. The Banana Choco chip pancake mix comes with 46% less sugar, adding a healthy element to your overall fitness. Having excess sugar can be dangerous, that is why it contains no refined sugar. When you follow the instructions on the back of the cover, you will know how easy it is to prepare. You won’t have to spend much time in the kitchen for breakfast.

  • Little Millet 100% Whole Grain: Little Millet or Kutki is a millet that is growing popular in masses now, but it is a substitute for rice in the hilly regions of India. While all the above options are sweet, you can use this as a spicy breakfast. You can make a simple apple porridge or a Millet Upma for the morning and pack it for lunch. Little Millet can be a good fit not only for breakfast but for quick snacks as well. It has a high amount of fiber and nutrients to keep your day going smoothly.

Today, the world is recognizing the benefits of eating millet. India is one of the world's largest millet producers, and we can use it to our advantage. Mille Supergrains has a wide range of millet products like breakfast mixes, baking mixes, and much more for a healthier lifestyle. Check their website to know the wide range of products that are available for everyone.