What Is Back Pain, And How to Get Fast Relief from It?

You are in the right place to get fast relief from the best back pain treatment in Essex. However, you are not alone in having back pain, as eight out of ten people worldwide have it at some point. Since it is one of the most common medical problems,  it may be acute or chronic. And if you have chronic back pain, you need the best treatment for back pain Chelmsford. With lessening physical activities for children and adults to sit before computers and bending their heads for hours together to watch smartphones, more and more people are prone to backache.


So, check out the many ways to get fast relief from the best back pain treatment in Essex to lead a normal life again with heads high and confidence.

What is Back Pain Chelmsford?

You are prone to back pain if you are a couch potato with little physical activity or under heavy physical stress. If acute pain occurs suddenly and lasts for a few days, not disturbing regular work, it does not need much treatment. But if you have severe back pain, stay in bed for more than one or two days. It is a cause of concern and needs immediate best back pain treatment in Essex. Even acute frequent back pain could later become severe or chronic back pain that needs earlier treatment; per the proverb, prevention is better than cure.

How Do You Get Back Pain Chelmsford?

Before knowing how you get back pain, you need to know the anatomy of the back, which has different structures to support the entire body straight. A few structures include the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, sacrum, and coccyx. Also, it has vertebrae, small bones stacked one over the other, a spinal cord, a long blend of nerves, and intervertebral discs, which are cushion-like pads, along with ligaments, tendons, and muscles. You get back pain if any part gets damaged by injury, old age, chronic diseases, and others.

What Is The Best Treatment for Back Pain in Essex?

Since 80% of people worldwide suffer from back pain, there are many treatments to give temporary and permanent relief. The most common among them are OTC or the over the counter pain killer pills. But it gives pain relief only for a few hours and also could cause many side effects. The other extreme treatment is surgery, which is expensive, risky, and unsuited for many back pain-affected people and could be done only as a last resort. The two best Back Pain Treatment Essex includes.

Several studies have confirmed that many massage techniques give fast and easy relief to back pain. In addition, there is evidence for gentle massage on the muscle and soft tissue of the back pain as per the physical condition needs without any risks and inexpensive without any side effects.

Dry needling therapy is another great back pain treatment in Essex that relaxes the muscles, improves blood flow, and increases mobility. Increasing the blood flow increases the oxygen supply and the lactic acid to avoid spasms and sores.

The above facts will convince you to get the best back pain treatment in Essex with state-of-the-art facilities and expert massage and dry needle therapists for fast and easy relief.