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    USA Drone Market Ecosystem

    USA Drone Market is in the growing stage, the market is majorly consolidated. Domestic and International players coexist in the supply side in the USA Drone Market.

    Key Market Findings:

    • Prices of drone hardware, software, and services continue to fall as drone companies compete for market share through penetration pricing.
    • The share of hybrid drones will increase in the future among both the commercial and the military sector.
    • More market players are expected to enter into the drone industry independently or with collaboration to cater rising demand from end users.

    USA Drone Market

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    Great Substitutes for Helicopters/Workers: Drones are great substitutes for helicopters, workers etc., where they can get more work done in less amount of time and with reduced costs. They can replace expensive surveillance products for the military while also lowering the risk for pilots since they don't have to be on the aircraft. The potential for the use of drones is really high. Drones are very versatile, and can be used easily within many industries. Just like robots, they can replace basic jobs which require human support.

    Widespread Opportunities: Major industries such as Agriculture, Construction and law enforcement will be benefitted from the use of drones. Agricultural fields of thousands of acres can utilize drones to observe the crop growth, to assist with fertilization and monitor the fields. Law enforcement can use drones for surveillance and save many police officers lives. Logistics will lead the way for drones in future as significant chunk of logistic/e-Commerce companies will implement drones for last mile deliveries as they can reduce logistics costs significantly.

    Environment Friendly: Medium and heavy-duty trucks are usually used to transport goods; these vehicles are expected to be responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Drones have been shown to be much more environmentally friendly than traditional delivery vehicles due to their lower carbon footprint.

    Government Spending: US is amongst highest military spenders in the market, around 732 USD Bn in 2019, which is around 38% of the world expenditure. In July of 2020, the U.S. government signed a measure to permit the sale of armed U.S. drones that fly under 800 kilometers per hour, to foreign governments that had been restricted from flying. Defense is also increasing the usage of micro drones such as X2-D, Anafi, M440 Ion, Golden Eagle and more that have a price range of USD 7000-21,000. They can be deployed to gain a bird’s eye view of the battlefield or to autonomously navigate a building to clear rooms before troops enter.

    Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication USA Drone Market Outlook to 2027F- Driven by increasing demand of Military drones and commercial drones in End user industries such as Construction, Logistics and more” by Ken Research observed that USA Drone Market is in the growing phase. Enhancing Service Offerings, collaborations with partners, expand pipeline with predictive analysis and getting in front of prospects through AI are some of the factors that will contributed to the USA Drone market growth over the period of 2021-2027F. It is expected that USA Drone Market will grow at a CAGR of 11.7% for the above forecasted period.

    Key Segments Covered in the report: -

    USA Drone Market by Revenues and Number of drones, 2017-2027

    By Type of Drones by Number of Drones, 2022 and 2027

    • Hybrid Drones
    • Fixed Wing Drones
    • Rotary Blade Drones

    By Region by Revenue, 2022 and 2027

    • West
    • South East
    • South West
    • North East
    • Midwest

    By Commercial End Users by Number of Drones, 2022 and 2027

    • Construction and Inspection
    • Media
    • Agriculture
    • Oil and Gas
    • Others
    • Logistics
    • Mining

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    By Weight by Number of Drones, 2022

    • 25 kgs-150 kgs and more
    • 2 kgs-25 kgs
    • <2 kgs

    By Mode of Operations by Number of Drones, 2022 and 2027

    • Remotely Operated
    • Fully Automated
    • Semi-Automated

    Key Target Audience

    • Investors
    • Technology and IT Companies
    • Government and Institutions
    • Aeronautical Companies
    • Farming Associations
    • Existing Drone Companies
    • Venture Capitalist
    • New Market Entrants
    • Military Agencies

    Time Period Captured in the Report:

    • Historical Period: 2017-2021
    • Base Period: 2022
    • Forecast Period: 2023-2027F

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    Companies Covered:

    • Textron
    • General atomics
    • AeroVironment
    • Northop Grumman
    • Insitu
    • Skydio
    • Easy Aerial
    • Skydio
    • General Atomics
    • FLIR
    • DJI
    • Parrot
    • Easyariel

    Key Topics Covered in the Report

    USA Drone Market Overview

    Ecosystem of USA Drone Market

    USA Drone Market Evolution and Business Cycle

    USA Drone Business Cycle Genisis

    Islamic Banking and Car Finance in USA

    USA Drone Market by Revenue growth

    USA Drone Market Segmentation

    SWOT Analysis of USA Drone Industry

    Infrastructure Development Overview of USA

    Trends and Developments in USA Drone industry

    Growth Enablers in USA Drone Industry

    Recent Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships and Investments in the USA Drone Market Operational Strategies for USA Drone Services Market

    Issues and Challenges in USA Drone Industry

    Government policies affecting the USA Drone Industry

    Government Initiatives for Automotive Industry

    Growth Drivers of USA Drone Market

    USA Drone Market Competition Overview

    Cross Comparison of Major Players in USA Drone Market

    Strengths and Weakness of Major Players in USA Drone market

    Future Outlook and Market Projections, 2027F

    FAA Rules and Regulations for Recreational and Commercial Drone Users in USA

    Growth strategies for USA Drone market

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