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1. Unlike other Middle Eastern Countries Indonesia has more Public Colleges than Private Colleges with more than ~50% of Public Universities

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Public Medical Colleges have outnumbered the private Universities in Indonesia due to high interest of the government (as a part of key multi-sectoral reforms).

Responsibility for the management and provision of public health services; and the progressive introduction of greater autonomy in the management of public service organizations includes medical education as a primary sector of concern.

2. Accreditation system in Indonesia is largely a result of the passing rate in UKKPMD Exam

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Indonesia’s higher education accreditation system award three grades of A, B, C according their scoring on 7 points of best practice. Those that are not accredited do not receive a grade.

  • A (Very Good) with a score between 361-400
  • B (Good) with a score between 301-360
  • C (Fair) with a score between 200-300
  • Non-Accredited institutions have a score of less than 200.

Accreditation criteria includes the amount of research work undertaken by lecturers, the quality of publications and the length of time taken for graduates to obtain employment and is measured over 5-year intervals.

The Passing rate of private universities is remarkably low compared to public universities. Government and National Education Ministry are taking measures to consolidate the education sector to reduce the number of underperforming universities.

3. Enablers and Key Success Factors for Stakeholders in the Indonesia Medical Education Industry

Indonesia has high no. of medical schools and colleges compared to other middle east and developing countries. It has also opened doors for the foreign universities to set-up their branches in Indonesia. This trend has led to a mass intake of medical Aspirants. Indonesians are highly appreciable about the merit-based scholarship programs. National level, State level as well as University Level Scholarships are provided to the top performers. These scholarships provide benefits to the students in terms of course fee and recognition. One of the key enablers can be that doctors can provide consultations from anywhere across the nation and receive compensation from list of digital enterprises rising in Indonesia. It is anticipated that these start-ups would continue to grow and would pay hefty amount to the qualified and experienced doctors.

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