The European Union’s policy measures banning the sale of inefficient lighting technologies in the past have facilitated consumers to replace their traditional lighting products with LED technology-based products in France LED Lighting Market: Ken Research

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    Driven by highly energy-efficient lighting systems, enhanced life span of LED lamps, easy availability of LED lamps in different colors and high-lumen low-watt products to contribute in the ample growth of LED lighting market in the coming years.

    The growth of LED Lights in France: LED based lights are preferred over conventional lighting technologies as they are environment-friendly, have longer life span, are energy efficient and have low power consumption. With the lighting industry transformation towards LED sources and solid-state lighting, Europe represents one of the most innovative lighting markets across the globe. A key factor driving the demand of LED products in France has been the European Union's policy measures banning the sale of inefficient lighting technologies. Europe phased out incandescent lamps in the region. Switching to energy efficient LED lights have provided significant environmental benefits in France. The governments across the region are also providing subsidies and incentives to increase the adoption of LED products among consumers and phasing out older and less efficient technologies. This has enhanced the overall efficiency of the lighting industry in France.

    Residential segment captured majority of lighting market: The residential segment has captured most of the market share in France. LEDs consume very low power and give an aesthetic feel to homes. It enhances the comfort level as LED technology emits light for only 180 degrees, whereas other types of lighting solutions emit light 360 degrees around the source. LEDs can operate at virtually any percentage of their rated power which adds to creating the perfect ambiance of the lighting. As homes are becoming smarter with IoT-based devices, smart LED lighting solutions are adopted well in the residential segment.

    How threat of data breach in IoT-based lighting systems is challenging LED adoption in commercial and Industrial sectors: Wireless networks connect various lighting control system components in connected lighting. Connected lights are a sophisticated array of LED fixtures with built-in sensors and cameras connected to a wireless network. Usually, connected or smart lighting products are connected through the internet; hence, hackers can exploit them. This may have severe consequences. For example, a hacker can gain remote access to a wireless network and manipulate smart lighting control systems, door unlocking systems, security camera systems, etc. It is also possible for an intruder to remotely shut off the lights in locations such as hospitals and other public venues, thereby resulting in serious consequences. Security and privacy breaches are the main areas of concern for smart lighting systems.

    Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication France LED Lighting Market Outlook to 2027F- By Product Type (Lamps, Luminaries), By Usage (Indoor, Outdoor), By Sector (Residential, Commercial, Industrial), By Sales Channel (Retail/Wholesale, Direct Sales, E-commerce) and By Lumens in Lighting (1600 Lumens, 1100 Lumens, 800 Lumens, 450 Lumens, Lower power LED, High power LED)observed the potential of the LED lighting market in France. A large number of LED companies are operating in France lighting Market. These companies compete on various parameters such as pricing of the product offered, payment method, product delivery time, presence on social media platforms, cross border sales etc. The France LED Lighting Market is expected to grow at CAGR of ~% over the forecasted period i.e., 2022P-2027F.

    France LED Lighting Industry

    Key Segments Covered in the report

    France LED Lighting Market

    By Product Type

    Lamps (A-type, T-type)

    Luminaries (Downlighting, Decorative, Directional)

    By Usage



    By Sector




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    By Sales Channel


    Direct Sales


    By Lumens in Lighting

    1600 Lumens

    1100 Lumens

    800 Lumens

    450 Lumens

    Lower power LED

    High power LED

    Key Target Audience

    Existing LED Lighting Manufacturers in France

    New Market Entrants- Domestic OEMs

    New Market Entrants- Foreign OEMs

    Real Estate Companies

    Government Bodies

    Investors & Venture Capital Firms

    Lighting Equipment Manufacturers and Importers

    LED Lighting Retail Chains

    Lighting Equipment Distributors

    Lighting Equipment Association

    Consulting Agencies

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    Time Period Captured in the Report

    Historical Year: 2017-2022P

    Base Year: 2022P

    Forecast Period: 2022P– 2027F

    Companies Covered






    Thorlux Lighting

    Airis France



    Analytik Jena

    Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection


    Real Tech


    Key Topics Covered in the Report

    Overview and Genesis for the France LED Lighting Market

    Comparative Analysis for the France led lighting Market with Global Market

    France led lighting market value chain analysis

    France led lighting market size, 2017-2022P

    France led light market segmentation

    Trade scenario for the France led lighting market

    Cost analysis for led lighting in the France market

    Decision making process before purchasing led lighting in the France market

    Trends and developments in the France led lighting market

    Issues and challenges in France led lighting market

    Swot analysis for the France led lighting market

    Recent technologies in France led lighting market

    Manufacturing Clusters for led and component manufacturers in the France

    Government initiatives and regulations in the France led lighting market

    Competitive scenario in France led lighting market

    Competitive landscape of major players in France led lighting market

    France led lighting market future outlook and projections

    Macroeconomic indicators affecting France led lighting market

    Analyst Recommendations

    Industry Speaks

    Research Methodology

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    France LED Lighting Market

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