How To Eliminate Rumen and Lose Weight?


Abdominal obesity, or rheumatism, is one of the most common problems among many people, often accompanied by a general increase in body weight. This is due to a combination of factors that may be transient or sick, that is followed by some unhealthy eating habits, lack of activity and movement after eating fatty meals, or pregnancy and childbirth in women, or diseases of pressure and diabetes, and this affects the injured due to inappropriate external appearance, which leads them to search for ways to reduce the abdomen in a week, and this is what we will know you in The lines of our next topic

Methods of weight loss
Exercise is important in burning calories and fat accumulated in the body, especially the abdominal area, where it is recommended to practice swimming, running and cycling.
Eating vinegar, it is considered a good material in the belly, and advised to eat a tablespoon or two tablespoons a day, and add to a glass of warm water, and drink daily on the stomach.
Early sleep Early sleep for seven to eight hours contributes to a faster belly loss than people who do not get enough sleep and sleep too late.
Drink a good amount of water for at least eight glasses a day. It is best to drink one cup of cold water before eating for a few minutes. Drinking enough water makes the body feel full and no need to eat more food.
Stay away from drinking soft drinks that contain a large amount of sugar and calories, which are difficult to get rid easily, which leads to the conversion of fat accumulated in the abdomen.
Eating healthy food and avoiding fast food, preferably eating fruits and vegetables, diversifying in meals, and eating fat-free meat, prefers to stop eating for at least three hours before bedtime.

Recipes for slimming the abdomen
Lemon juice, by mixing the juice of one lemon with a glass of warm water, and drink on the saliva daily.
Ginger and cinnamon. Ginger is boiled with water, then cinnamon and lemon slices are added. After a few minutes, it is left for ten minutes until it is soaked and then drunk immediately after meals.
Green tea, an indispensable beverage in fat burning and maintaining agility, is preferred to eat a cup of green tea after eating meals.
Drink turmeric and warm milk, where it is recommended to drink the mixture on the stomach daily.
And then mix them with lemon juice or natural vinegar. After obtaining a solid paste, cut into small tablets kept in the freezer until it is solidified. , And before each meal is taken one tablet of the herbal mixture.

Natural mixtures for rapid abdominal slimming
Mix of herbs
Mix equal amounts of green tea, sage, dried cinnamon, ground ginger, and cumin, then add a quantity of lemon juice or natural vinegar to the herbal mix, mix the ingredients together to get a thick paste, then cut the dough into small tablets kept in the freezer until Hold together, and eat a tablet of them before each meal.

Boil ginger powder in water, then add cinnamon and some lemon slices to it, leave the ingredients soaked for ten minutes, then drink-soaked after meals directly.

Green tea
Drink a glass of green tea after the main meals. Warm water and vinegar Mix a tablespoon of natural vinegar with a cup of warm water in a homogeneous manner and drink the mixture daily on the stomach.

Turmeric and milk
Place three flakes of turmeric in a cup of warm milk, drink daily mix on the saliva.