How To Maintain Mental Health

How To Maintain Mental Health

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We are all exposed daily to nervous and psychological stress, both at work and at home or elsewhere. Often we cannot release these pressures in a healthy way, which accumulates inside us and negatively affects mental and physical health as well, and may affect the way we deal with people around us. Which makes us seem bad people in their eyes, and may also affect our efficiency in the workplace and other negative effects. In this article, we will learn how to maintain mental health so that we look brighter and happier.

Steps to care about mental health

  • Be more flexible in dealing We should be more flexible in dealing with people and not be too affected by what they say or do. When someone does something that may seem bad in your opinion, do not think too much why he said this and so on, just ask him for excuse Maybe he did not mean it at all.
  • Do not start asking questions when someone suddenly leaves you without introductions or does really hurt you, do not start asking questions in your mind, "How did he do this and why does he do this to me?" Because thinking too much about the problem will not solve anything but will only increase stress and tension and may also affect some parts of your body, such as the colon or stomach and may affect and weaken your nerves. What you need to do is talk directly to that person and inquire in a decent way about why he or she did it. There may be a convincing case in the end, or you may have made a mistake without feeling. It is important to do so as early as possible.
  • Go to a quiet place If a problem occurs and you suddenly feel very tense and psychological pressure you just have to go to a quiet place and stop thinking about the problem for a few minutes and start breathing deeply and tell yourself that every problem solved and you will reach this solution sooner or later, You can calm down and think about solving the problem.
  • Know Yourself Know Yourself. Know what you are happy and do. Taking a break every time, enjoying our favorite hobbies or meeting a dear friend has a profound impact on our mental health and happiness. Merging into a fun and meaningful act helps our brain to secrete the hormone dopamine. So feel free to practice such hobbies.
  • Exercise Sports is important, as exercise is almost the most important factor in maintaining good mental health. Some studies have shown that the level of depression decreases significantly when exercising that increase heart rate, such as fast-walking exercises, as it works to increase the hormone secretion of serotonin.
  • Exercise also promotes self-confidence through the individual's ability to perform positive steps and also helps relieve stress and stress by turning attention to physical activity.
  • Know what bothers you. Learn what bothers others and ask them gently not to do it. In return, you should not do what bothers them. This is one of the most important things to help you maintain mental health.
  • Be positive. Make your outlook on life a positive one filled with hope and optimism, set goals for yourself, goals at work level and on a personal level, always looking to do something.
  • Learn something new like a language or a science you are passionate about and want to know more about. Learning stimulates our brain cells to work better and increases our awareness and awareness of our surroundings, which makes us deal better in our daily lives.
  • Let things take their course if you have a problem you cannot solve and cannot do anything about it just calm down and let it take its course and trust in God always in all your affairs.
  • Always trust yourself. Strengthen your self-confidence and do not care about the opinion of others because what you see in yourself is what others will see in you. Always be smiling, proud and looking forward to the future.

 Simple tips for maintaining mental health

Psychological illness does not mean that we are far from God, and unbelievers, God caused us to revenge, does not mean that we have a disability that reduces our interest among people. Psychological illness does not mean that we are aliens coming to a world where we have no place. On the contrary, we are full human beings as secure as millions of human beings created in the best of the calendar.

The psychological disease may be genetically caused by parental genes, may be due to the weakness of a specific chemical in the brain, which is reflected on the human psyche so-called psychological disorder, not because we are crazy. But a crazy word has no scientific presence at all.

Mental illness may be frightening and strange to many people all over the world; because it is a hidden thing, it has no visible presence. Something we cannot touch or perceive with our eyes, we fear and move away. Just like the ghost stories, we see in movies, and we hear the old people tell their old tales about

them, we hear with a wary mind and heart. Are there really those things?

But mental illness has become a strong scientific knowledge, scientists are dying in the scientific research on the causes and treatment, the psychological illness is no longer a ghost now only on the ignorant, who do not read and do not search, and are satisfied with information from sites that are not censored content and honesty.

Psychiatric illness is a disease like any disease, which may be caused by a mistake in not knowing the right information that takes care of our lives. Or it may be as I mentioned parent genes that passed us without interference. Or even because of the pain of our small worlds, a problem or a major event or a pit of life we did not learn how to get out of them yet.

Surprisingly, however, that information we have mistaken about our lives can be corrected. And those genes imposed on us for a reason that only God knows, we can control. That pit, which society did not teach us how to jump from without breaking our feet, science can help us climb it with all intelligence and success. The science of the grace of mankind Why do not we use it for the last point placed in his books?

It is the normal human psyche that strengthens him to make his body healthy. It helps him build a peaceful family and normal relationships with humans. It is the human psyche, temperament, and temperament that allows him to lead a healthy and orderly life. If this imbalance does not mean that it is sinful or infidel to God, on the contrary, this equilibrium is shaken to tell us that something is wrong in the system that was created with precision. There is a sterile rock that stands in its circle and cannot move it. It may require chemotherapy, modern sessions, and training with one or both specialists.

What is the defect in asking for help when we need it? We may fight for psychological comfort and tranquility, and why not, which is the basis of the stability of the whole life? A psychiatric patient has all the right to treatment and the recognition of those around him has all dignity and rights and no one to cut them from it.

Important tips for mental health at its best:

  • Correct venting for anger and grief. Venting master psychological comfort.
  • Sharing a friend or brother with problems, seeking advice and other opinions, helps a lot.
  • Balanced food, many mental illnesses caused by lack of minerals and vitamins and bad nutrition.
  • The balanced expression of feelings is not patience or wisdom.
  • Interest in hobbies is a great source of happiness.
  • Change the routine of each period of eating, clothing, places of excursions, and even organize your personal room or home.
  • (Interpretation of the meaning): Every specialist means a world in his field, not only the scholars of religion.
  • Writing is great for filtering minds and organizing ideas.
  • Exercise is one of the most beautiful stimuli for psychological and physiological reasons.
  • Permanent exit to open air places, such as the sea or open gardens, or travel breaks, no matter how little they are never insignificant.
  • Stay in touch with family and friends directly, full of confidence in our hearts, no matter how always contact the programs and devices in our time, but it has no value in front of normal human contact face to face.
  • Academic, vocational and physical achievement are the main reasons for psychological stability and emotional maturity.
  • Attention to others and their love A person feels his existence and worth.
  • Relaxation exercises and brain cleansing before bed balance.
  • Self-sufficiency and confrontation with defects in self-acceptance and acceptance and love as it is. If we do, all our worries will go away.


    • WilburRoss

      Very important information, thanks for sharing. Maintaining mental health is really not easy, especially since there are so many destructive factors that affect it. Thanks to this review, I was able to understand what methods of work are suitable for me in matters of mental health. And almost immediately I saw a positive result.