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Fioricet is a prescription medicine that contains acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine and is commonly used to treat tension headaches and migraines. Fioricet also has the ability to be addictive, and physicians are recommended to use this as a migraine remedy for the last recourse.

The opioid component of Fioricet is labeled butalbital and is part of the barbiturates group. This is used in Fioricet because it relieves muscle pain, which may contribute to intense headaches. The acetaminophen is an inhabiting factor that combats butalbital pain differently and the caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and enhances blood flux.

Take exactly as prescribed Fioricet. Monitor the medication tag in all respects. Do not take more than prescribed this medication. An overdose can cause health problems or damage to your liver. Ask your doctor if it seems that the medication will also stop working to ease your pain.

Fioricet may form a habit. Never share Fioricet with someone else, particularly someone with a drug abuse or addiction background. Hold the drug in a position where it can not be accessed by others. Attempting to sell Fioricet or giving it away is unlawful.


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