Play Number Munchers Game Online

Play Number Munchers Game Online

Number Munchers is a 1986 video game and a spin-off of the title Word Munchers. It was created by MECC for the Apple II, and then ported to DOS and the Macintosh in 1990. The game’s concept was designed by R. Philip Bouchard, who also designed The Oregon Trail. Two versions of the game were released, the consumer version (for home use) and the school version (for classrooms). After The Learning Company acquired MECC, the game was renamed “Math Munchers”.


How To Play

The player controls the chewer who must move around a grid and chew up numbers that match the above logical rule while avoiding threatening troggles. As the player progresses through the levels, the logical rules have larger numbers and greater difficulty, and multiple troggles chase the chewer.

Play Number Munchers Online

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