Top accounting firms-A&A Associate LLC

A&A Associate has been officially recognized as one of the top accounting firms in UAE. We follow best practices and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP. With us, you will be able to track expenditure and income down to the last penny. We rely on our expertise to generate financial statements that accurately show the financial position of
your company, so that investors and shareholders will have greater confidence in your organization. We help improve decision-making at your company.

Apart from being free zone auditors, A&A Associate LLC also offers payroll services in Dubai. We take care of leave calculation and salary disbursal, so that your employees are paid on time. With timely and accurate debit of monthly pay, we make sure that no one is ever paid less than he/she should be paid. We also calculate overtime correctly, so that is
no room for error. We also calculate end-of-service benefits so you are legally in the clear when an employee leaves your employment.

As one of the leading accounting and auditing companies in uae, we help ensure statutory compliance with all Government agencies. We help you narrow down on potential areas of risk, so that your exposure to risk can be reduced. We further help you identify areas opportunity, so that you can take the next step forward in your business journey. We can install cloud-based accounting software on your computers so that your hardware resources are not taxed. Besides, the cloud is more secure when it comes to our financial data.