What is Tips-to-share.com?

Tips-to-share.com is a news website 100% Video Games, allowing you to follow live the news of video games on Consoles and PC (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, WiiU, PS3, PC, PS Vita, 3DS, PS5, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S).

We publish every day the latest news on your favorite games, on those you expect the most but also on independent games ("indie" as we say commonly), with images, videos, trailers, gameplay excerpts, etc...

The release date of a video game is revealed? It's on Tips-to-share.com! A new video, new images, artworks, an official cover, a trailer,... everything is on Tips-to-share.com!


We also propose every week Tests, of all the next video games to come on Consoles and PC, but also exclusive Previews after having taken in hand the games directly at the developers or the publishers, but also in private presentations and in preview on the biggest shows of the world: E3, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, Paris Games Week,...

You can also follow live all the conferences and new products unveiled at each show thanks to our teams on site, through news, lives, and exclusive reports!

Behind the website is a team of video game enthusiasts who have been working since 2015, and who try to pass on their passion every day through all the articles they take pleasure in writing for you!

The Tips-to-share.com team has been listening to you since 2015, we don't count anymore on the evolutions brought to our site following your suggestions! The video game community will always represent an important, not to say the primordial, aspect of Tips-to-share.com.

We have thus developed many tools and assets for you: auctions, contests, management of your video game collections, Twitch channels, wish lists, exclusive offers, wallpapers, themes, a photo quiz, and of course a forum and blogs. All this for... 0€!