5 stores to check out in Delhi for the bookworm in you

Dilli ki sardi, books and chai. A 6-word love story. Book nerds and book lovers would already be familiar with the immense joy and happiness that comes with stepping into a bookstore. The intoxicating smell of new books, the crisp pages and the warm and cosy ambience that envelopes you while entering a bookstore is unmatched. Flipping through pages, reading the blurb, checking out french flaps and hardcovers, crushing over clothbound, the joy of sniffing pages and the old school feels all of this has to itself. If you are done reading on your Kindles and listening to audiobooks and want to go back to the conventional way of reading and visiting bookstores, we have a list of places for you to start exploring.


  • Bahrisons Booksellers


One of the oldest and most well-known bookstores in Delhi, Bahrisons Booksellers is a place where you can find anything and everything you can ask for. From limited editions to beautiful clothbound copies, hardcovers to leatherbounds, at Bahrisons Booksellers there is all that you would have come here looking for. With multiple outlets around the city, Bahrisons Booksellers is one of the best Indie bookstores in Delhi. 


  • Full Circle Bookstore


For those who love classics more than any human being ever, Full Circle Bookstore is the place closest to heaven. From the cosy wooden setting to the extensive collection, everything about this bookstore makes it so easy to fall in love with. With multiple outlets across the city, this place definitely is a book lover’s paradise. Their Greater Kailash outlet is located in proximity to your-space’s cheap co-living space in Kailash Colony. So the next time you want to grab a book and are already done with your academic ones, you can simply head to the Full Circle Bookstore.


  • Oxford Bookstore


Home to the famous Cha Bar and thousands of books, The Oxford Bookstore is a literary paradise and any book nerd’s dream come true. If you are craving some solo time with chai and a good book this is the perfect place for you. This place is literally a slice of heaven if you are looking for a quaint, little, cosy bookshop in the heart of Delhi. Not just that, but their collection too is to die for.


  • Faqirchand Bookshop


With an old-world charm and a beautiful aesthetic, the Faqirchand Bookshop is a quaint little store placed beautifully in the heart of Khan Market. Gaze at huge stacks of comics, classics, newbies and more, all at once. The prospect definitely is exciting and welcoming, isn’t it? Well, their stupefying collection is one of the reasons why people keep going back to this old-school bookstore. Established in 1951, this bookstore stands witness to history and is going to be an integral part of the book-lover community.


  • The Bookshop 


Located in one of the fanciest areas of Delhi, The Bookshop is a store that was established in 1970 and has been a go to for bookworms for years now. Their foster cats that greet the visitors in their own way are one of the reasons why they got popular. Not just that, the place has been visited by legends, the likes of Khushwant Singh and Arundhati Roy which makes the place worthy of being on your bucket list.

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