The wisdom of a Farmer

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    The wisdom of a Farmer

    The wisdom of a farmer
    Yama was years ago the time of Prince Shahraman inspecting the conditions of the parish, and with him, Minister Noman, suddenly saw Prince Shahraman old farmer curved hair white back and beard planted olive shrub, Prince Salman smiled from the case of the old farmer, the minister asked him why the smile said: This old man, one of his feet in the grave and planted an olive shrub and it does not bear fruit only after five years .. The old man's reputation, which includes dust around the tree, raised his back and enter the dialogue. O Moulay: Plant who was before us and examined us and ate, and if not showing who was before us harvested and I am planting today to harvest the grandchildren.

    The old man came back to work, from one of the slopes he came down to the river to fill the bucket, slipped his foot, fell into the river clutching his bucket, clinging to the milking herbs, came out filled with water stumbled, fell without the bucket, carried him, the soil grass around the shrubs of any strange plant And her brother. He admired the old farmer after the eyes of the old farmer and his insistence on planting for others, so Minister Numan ordered the payment of one thousand dinars for the old Hamdan from the Sultan's treasury, and Hamdan rejoiced and said: Praise be to God who made us grow and harvest on the same day.

    Learn the flying bird
    The small bird grew up and he had to rely on himself to get his food so his mother decided to teach him flying. This morning, the sun with its golden hands wiped the face of the sparrow, which was gently attached. Then he waved and yawned and then he fell asleep again after he made a decision not to learn to fly ... The life he lived between sleeping in his nest and the playgrounds of the butterflies and tree branches. About food times and times. And the cries of his mother and his brothers went up with the wind ... The bird no longer listens to anyone.

    When the sun mediated the sky, the bird had to wake up because its rays became unbearable ... The bird looked at the sun with contempt and said: How heavy are you, the sun? I hate you .. All the people of the earth hate you .. Why do you interfere in my affairs? Why do not you let me sleep quietly? And increased the anger of the sun ... Warmed up with it .. And began to radiate attack the bird again.

    The bird jumped out of his nest and started yelling at the sun. When he was sure that it was useless to shout, he attacked her. He wanted to hit her, and he fell to the ground. He screamed in pain, but soon he was silent when he saw a hungry cat trying to approach him. He tried to shout to his mother and brothers. But he could not .. And when he remained between him and the hungry cat steps .. Prepare his heart to a land down. But he flapped his wings at the last minute rose from the ground a little .. Beat again and rose more .. laughed from his heart .. And shaved in the sky after taking a look A victory over the angry cat, and a look of love to the sun .. and went looking for his mother and brothers.