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    • AhmedHefny
      AhmedHefny published a blog post What is artificial intelligence??
      In the simplest terms, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems or devices that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks that can improve themselves based on the information they collect. Artificial intelligence is manifested in a number of...
      • AhmedHefny
        AhmedHefny published a blog post What is Machine learning
        Let's admit that machine learning enables computers to handle tasks that can only be handled by humans. From driving cars to translating speech or talking to robots in a human way, machine learning based on Artificial intelligence ...
        • AhmedHefny
          Augmented Reality one of the new terms that have emerged recently, and due to digitization and the quest of its pioneers and theorists to take advantage of the latest technology in making our life more enjoyable in different fields like...
          • AhmedHefny
            Blockchain technology is a real revolution in the world of financial trading, not just financial trading, but goes beyond that to be a comprehensive and reliable technology to create an integrated technology system like the Internet system we're...
            • AhmedHefny
              Smartphones have become the focus of our digital identity, through which we check our emails, and stay in touch with social media and pay through them, it is disturbing to lose them, as these devices certainly contain sensitive personal information...

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