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Hello I'm Frank Jackson I'm gastroenterologist prebiotics and probiotics
a lot of people don't know the difference once we see the word
prebiotic we might assume it is just a misspelling of the
phrase probiotic but the phrase prebiotic is different from probiotic and it's very extremely important the human colon is just a real health organ believe it
or not yes it is just a Waystation for the waste
that the body does not want and that is eventually passed.

However, you can find over one thousand separate bacterial species residing in your colon the total amounts of bacteria reached the tens of billions significantly more than ten times the amount of cells in the
whole body the colon is where both prebiotics and probiotics both find yourself these
bacteria whenever we treat them right do some amazing things for the health 10 to 20 health advantages
that we already know about many of us have heard
of probiotics they're advertised everywhere they are the bacteria
in yoghurt sauerkraut and a great many other fermented

They are also obtainable in pill or capsule form prebiotics,
on another hand, exist only in plants mostly vegetables these plant fibres go through the small intestine unchanged in the large bowel they locate a nice warm moist home now the
major difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic is what happens in the
colon whenever you add say 5 to 10 billion probiotic organisms to the gut that sounds like a lot however it is a tiny number way less than 1% of the bacterial organisms already
there literally a drop in the bucket of bacteria.

They are fighting an uphill battle to locate a home for themselves and
to reproduce in vast quantities, on one other hand, a prebiotic acts like a rich fertilizer that selects to enrich only the nice bacteria
already there and enrich them they do these good bacteria grow quickly doubling in number
every 20 minutes two numbers far more than you can ever consume with
probiotic prebiotics exist in certain plant
foods such as for instance asparagus leeks yams and others visit my
website for a whole list.

However, prebiotics are also available as supplements when is called all ago fructose this small molecule is acted
on very quickly in the bacteria on the right side of
the colon inulin, on one other hand, is a larger molecule and is fermented more slowly throughout the left side of the
colon that is why I put both these together in our patented prebiotic products it is just a full
spectrum prebiotic acting through the colon so what health advantages can you anticipate from prebiotics.

I will get into each of them in subsequent videos but i'd
like to just list many of them now that irregularity improved immune function vitamin production better energy
less leaky gut more calcium absorption improve bone density less inflammation within the body and gutless appetite element of a weight reduction program and a
whole lot more prebiotics are merely a lot better
than probiotics and our prebiotic supplement is your best probiotics in uk bet
for a fresh gut I wish you a healthy gastrointestinal
system from your own good gut friend Frank Jackson you.

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