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This really is gut specialist James Kinross at Imperial College London has been studying the
evidence probiotics best in the United Kingdom last you bring them they will remain within the device but whenever you stop taking
them they get flushed out so if you can get it to work
it will only work for the duration that you bring it and there's no
guarantee so it works in the exact same way between two different people because we've different
species of bacteria so will there be any evidence for the claim that probiotics just generally cause you
to healthier even though you're not it there's very little evidence that
it's gonna make your home is longer or generically be

But I wouldn't bring them if I had infected diarrhoea
or my headers but bowel syndrome and I'd I tell my patients
to take them in specific circumstances but I don't bring them each and every day because I don't really think that
it's going to create any difference to my long-term health, in reality, the European Food Safety Authority agrees that there's not enough evidence to permit commercial probiotics companies to produce their health claims they used to and these
companies have now changed their advertising Danone who make Activia Actimel and Yakult say they the stand by position their health claims but conform to
regulations in the EU they say their claims are backed by years of research and are approved in a number
of other countries.

But I've heard of a brand new line of research in this region so what if I
said there is an option to probiotics that something as simple as eating a
bag of oats might have really a beneficial influence
on the health of your gut well a bag such
as this cost less when compared to a pound it'll last me all week I believe it's worth
putting to the test this can be a new and considerably cheaper approach the style
is simple instead of trying to incorporate more bacteria to
the guts just give the ones we already have a bit more food
and it seems like a number of the bacteria which are really beneficial to us to call home on oats so that's
what I'm likely to feed them 100 grams per day every single
day for a month runny oats thick oats with sugar it's old.

I recently hope my gut bacteria appreciating all of this
to learn I've been sending samples of my faeces with a lucky researchers at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen they've been carrying out DNA analysis on my poo samples to see what effect
the oats experienced on the bacteria within my gut dr.
Karen Scott has the ultimate results and this seems
like some sort of DNA fingerprint from a crime TV show specifically what it's it is a fingerprint of your poo sample so every column is really a different person so these are the
weeks one two three four five six yeah that's right.

So that is your first week when you were in your normal healthy diet and then your
a month on that water diet each row of white blobs corresponds to a particular kind of bacterium present in my gut the brighter the blob the
more of this bacterium there's and it's clear that a number of them
have been having a field day on the out diet what this
could represent then is one of these simple bacteria that
really like oats that's right how exactly are they good for me
well we realize that different got bacteria produce different byproducts
while they ferment the fruit that you ingest and all seem to be
particularly proficient at stimulating the growth of bacteria that produce some of the
very beneficial byproducts a number of them are great for the fitness
of your gut lining many of them are more important with regards to heart health you.

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