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hi I'm dr. Sandra Lee and I'm a board-certified dermatologist I'm from
a household being an apologist my father is one my husband is one it was just
meant to be there are a lot of beauty buzzwords on the market and retinol is definitely
one of the hottest anti-aging ingredients on the list retinol is of another kind of vitamin A it can help them in my own fine lines it really helps to decrease the look of pores so it is turn into a powerful anti-ager as a physician I get lots of
questions about retinol can I use retinol and go into the Sun absolutely
you need to use retinol throughout every season many people are scared lose
it and go out in the Sun because they believe they're planning to sunburn quicker but this is false will retinol
dry up my skin retinols can be drying and irritate the skin so my best advice what is the best retinol cream uk to utilize a pea-sized drop
and remember you intend to utilize it at nighttime because it's actually deactivated by
the Sun dark spots liver spots age spots wisdom spot retinols of Corrado lytx this means they help to exfoliate the
most effective layer of skin so we can peel off some of these brown spots they cause them to become
lighter and less visible all of us want to be smart about our
view and retinol lets us do this because you'll find soon the procedure for you if you never such as the lines
around the mouth area if that you don't such as the
lines around your eyes you are able to specifically treat those errors with retinol and get
the very best results for you.

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