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Brief descriptionIMS Ghaziabad was founded in 1990 by a group of visionaries and intellectuals to impart quality education to young Indian minds. The legacy of IMS Ghaziabad lies in its tradition to stimulate an innovative environment where students are empowered with knowledge, values and professional skills to uphold integrity, tolerance and mutual respect.
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IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus (UCC) offers a Global MBA program that provides students with a comprehensive education in business administration with a global perspective. The program aims to develop competent and socially responsible business leaders who can thrive in the global business landscape. The Global MBA program at IMS Ghaziabad UCC focuses on equipping students with a strong foundation in core business disciplines such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and strategy. It also places a significant emphasis on developing cross-cultural competence, global leadership skills, and a deep understanding of international business practices. The program adopts a rigorous curriculum that includes a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical insights, and experiential learning opportunities. Students engage in case studies, simulations, projects, and industry interactions to gain hands-on experience and develop problem-solving abilities in real-world business scenarios.


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