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    • Neal Weber
      Punctuation acts like traffic signs on city driveways. Punctuation tells the reader whether to prevent (period), bog down (comma), look both ways (question mark), look forward (colon), yield (semicolon), or proceed with caution (ellipses).In...
      • Neal Weber
        Neal Weber published a blog post Lovely Writer The Series Secrets
        Lisa: Well, when the boys find the "mystery note," and the "diary," there is mention for this famous pirate "Blackbeard." I did so my research to discover when he was alive and busy. That's how I came track of the year 1710.Use commas to create...
        • Neal Weber
          You should understand, a high quality town newspaper is different a big city paper, we didn't handle any National or International sensational issues, like murders, right now there was to rush for your most part, like a deadline. In general, the...
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