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    • Abdulaziz Sobh

      This fat loss coach reveals 6 lifelong habits to lose weight and not get it back

      ...felong weight loss: Instead of eliminating foods, start by adding low-calorie vegetables and lean proteins....e a day and keep them with fruit or protein.Instead of eliminating all calories and liquid sauces, begin to...

      • Abdulaziz Sobh

        Calorie diet for weight loss

        ...unlike most people's view of calories, calories are necessary diets reduce the amount of calories consumed as well as increase...roperly because the amount of calories if you say it affects the he...loss, and below we offer you calorie detail. First dayBreakfast:...

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        • Abdulaziz Sobh

          Calorie diet for weight loss

          The calorie is a unit of energy measurement, used to express what foods and drinks contain from energy, how much people consume during exercise and exercise, and unlike most people's view of calories, calories are necessary for human health by consuming the appropriate amounts of his body, Most...

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          • Abdulaziz Sobh

            Weight Loss Recipe: Avocado Walnut & Crispy Bacon Salad

              Losing weight doesn't have to be boring when you focus on bright, colorful meals. What does this mean? Simply by making sure your plate reflects a range of colors, you'll naturally create more balanced and healthful menus. Not everyone has the time or the patience to count calories, but...

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