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    • Abdulaziz Sobh

      Weighing in Carbohydrates

      Habitual advice and why: Most diabetes experts do not recommend low-carbohydrate diets for people with type 1 diabetes, especially children. Some worry that restricting carbohydrates can lead to dangerously low levels of blood sugar, a condition known as hypoglycemia that could hamper a child's...

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      • Abdulaziz Sobh

        Food Journals: A Quick and Easy Solution for Weight Loss and Better Nutrition

        One tried and true method for producing weight loss is keeping a food journal. Multiple studies have shown that people who keep track of what they eat lose more weight and are more likely to keep it off permanently. There are several reasons why this works. First, and foremost, you become acco...

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        • Abdulaziz Sobh

          How to wear seatbelt during pregnancy

          This month is my sixth month of gestation. The tummy bump is quite obvious. How to wear a seat belt and feel comfortable at the same time is becoming an issue. The following are the tips told by my practitioner. Hope they are helpful to other mothers-to-be. Don’t wear the seatbelt or sho...