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    • Abdulaziz Sobh

      First human eggs grew in laboratory

      First human eggs grew in laboratoryHuman ovules have been cultured in the lab...s also an opportunity to explore how human eggs develop, much of which r...h published in the journal Molecular Human Reproduction still needs refi...erstanding of the development of the human...

      • Shiimaa Mohamed

        6 Ways To Maintain Health important ways to maintain health. Ways to maintain health People always strive to stay healthy, free from disease and have..., and improve the mood of the human. Relying on the natural materi...dual per day to maintain good health of the body, which reduces th...

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        • Shiimaa Mohamed

          How to maintain human health?

          What is health? To have good health is to be healthy and healthy. Your health is affected, for example, by eating, nervous stress, sleep, smoking, alcohol and drugs. Your health is also affected if you are happy and agree with yourself, with the people who surround you and if you see that your li...

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