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    • Shiimaa Mohamed

      Natural Ways To Maintain The Beauty of The Skin

      ...have a beautiful and vibrant skin all the time. But with exposu...e to take proper care of your skin. However, there are some basi...some basic ways and steps to keep your skin healthy naturally. 1- Keep the skin clean Cleaning the skin does...

      • Shiimaa Mohamed

        How To Treat Dry Skin At Home?

        ...m the water. In order for the skin to remain soft, flexible and...lp protect the outer layer of skin from its abnormal loss of wat...ion of the sebum layer of the skin, the skin loses water and bec...evere itching and eczema. Dry skin can also aggravate existing s...

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        • Shiimaa Mohamed

          How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

          White skin is the dream of every girl, making her seek to reach this dream in any way possible, away from skin whitening cosmetics. Here are some natural recipes that help lighten your skin. The first recipe for lightening the skin in general: - A teaspoon of lemon juice. - A tablespoon of ol...

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