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    • Shiimaa Mohamed

      How to treat constipation in children

      ...e symptoms that may accompany constipation? Constipation may be isolate...oss of appetite. What causes constipation in children? There are many...deformation and anal spasm. Constipation may be a symptom of hypothyro...t birth. How is constipation treated in children? By giving the child...

      • Abdulaziz Sobh

        What you need to know during Pregnancy

        Constipation is very common in pregnancy. It is caused by decreased bowel motility the 13th week of gestation. Therefore, I pay great attention not to have constipation again. And so far I remain qu...

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        • Shiimaa Mohamed

          How to treat constipation in children

          The most common phenomenon in children with respect to the digestive system is constipation. It affects many aspects of the life of the child and his family. Both at the therapeutic level and at the preventive level. What is constipation? The stool may change from day to day. The child is only ...

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